Our company’s history began many years ago. Its founder started activating in transportation sector in approximately 1950’s and everyone knew him as Vaggelis “the postman”.

Back then transportation was much different, since the means were limited. Goods were being ordered from Athens and they were firstly being carried by carriages, then by trucks and they were finally being loaded to boats in Pireaus port. Lastly they would arrive in Tinos dock under difficult circumstances.

Our first truck was brought in Tinos in 1967 by Spiros Papanastasiou and it was a 323 MERCEDES of 7,5 tons. Therefore our history began then and continues up to the present.

Nowadays our company is top in the sector of transportation and in merchandise delivery in general, thanks to the continuous development and expansion of the services we offer our partners.

EPAnEK 2014 - 2020